Tuesday January 18, 2011: 405

Ok folks I’m going to brag a bit, but this is my blog and I can do what I want with it.

One week ago today the scale I had ordered from Amazon.com arrived. I weighed myself three times when I got home from work that night, and all three times the scale read 418.00 pounds. Now believe me, I really, really don’t like admitting that I weighed over 400 pounds, but I like even less the thought that I might be accused of being dishonest, so I have to admit the truth of it.  418 pounds.

No, the above fact is just that, a fact. Not the bragging part of this post. The bragging part of the post is this: this morning that same scale recorded a weight of  405 pounds. Yeah, that’s right, 13 pounds down in just a week. You could say that makes me just slightly happy.

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