Lets Think About the Positive.

“Lets focus on the positive”.

That phrase has been running through what passes for my mind a lot this week. I have had reason to need to focus on the positive. I am not sure that doing so is helping, but at least I am not allowing myself to drop into negativity. That is, I feel, rather important.

You see, in the last couple of weeks I have hit a plateau; I have not lost any weight since I hit the 60 pound mark. Now, I need to be clear; I have not regained any weight, but I have not lost any more either.I knew this would happen, I was just hoping it would wait a bit.

I have not gone back to any of my old habits; I am still eating clean. I am still motivated. I am still doing all the right things. I just have plateaued. It will pass as long as I stay on track. I KNOW that it will pass. I know it all intellectually. However, knowing something intellectually and knowing something emotionally are very different things.

Emotionally it has gotten more difficult to look at that scale and see no change. So, Monday , when saw yet another day of no weight loss, I decided that instead of thinking about the negative, I would spend some time focusing on the positive. Well, that is what I decided after creatively cussing the scale for about thirty seconds. You would be amazed at how much cussing I can get done in a mere thirty seconds.

So, lets think about the positives. There are actually a lot of positives:
• Despite the current period of no loss, the fact remains that I have lost sixty sodding pounds in just a little of two months. That is a great feeling.
• I feel better physically than I have in years.  I can walk around a SCA event site all day and not hurt at the end of  day (proved that last weekend), and I have been told by people I believe that I do not snore as much as I used to. Oh, and I am sleeping better than I was before I started dieting as well. These are all very positive developments.
• Finally, every day this week I have worn clothes that I was not able to wear six months ago. So, even though there has not been any additional weight loss, there are definite changes in my body. Positive changes.  Changes I can most definitely live with.


2 Responses

  1. 60 pounds in two months is insane. Fantastic job.

    The problem with that massive loss so fast is that you now want to see the same results throughout the diet.

    That isn’t going to happen. The more you lose the slower you lose. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but that is the reality of any diet.

    1. Your body needs fewer calories the less you weigh.
    2. Your body gets really mad at you and goes into starvation mode because it thinks a famine has hit.

    Lower your expectations and just keep doing what you have been doing. Really just an amazing job.

    As to the plateaus, I feel your pain. I’ve been bouncing on and off stupid plateaus the last couple of months.

    I think I just exited my current plateau. I guess we will see tomorrow. I’ve been fooled before thinking I was off the darn thing only to gain weight the next day.

    Good luck and best wishes on continued massive success. 😀

    The Grumpy Man

    • Thank you for the encouragement. I knew it would happen, and I was prepared for it intellectually, but emotionally it was somewhat difficult. I think I have broken through now. Again, thank you for the encouragement

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