Vacation This Year

No posts last week because I was on vacation; I spent the week with about 3000 or so of my closest friends. To be just as plainspoken as possible, I had a GREAT week.

Now, before I go any further in describing the incredible things that happened last week I do need to admit that I did not follow my diet plan exactly. I was camping for the week, and it was simply not possible to follow the plan exactly. However I did follow it as closely as I could. I did not over indulge, I did not revert to any bad habits, etc. I just did not hydrate properly, and I did eat more bread than I had in months.

With that said, I felt great. The positive comments from literally dozens of people were great motivation for continuing with the program, but a much greater motivation was the simple fact that I felt good physically. In years past I would have felt awful after walking around that huge site all day. I would have sweated so much that my clothes would have been soaked through. That did not happen this year.

This year I was able to walk the site all day and at the end of the day my ankles, knees and hips did not hurt. Well, my feet did hurt a bit the second day, but that was due to some blisters caused by a new pair of sandals, not by the exercise.

This year I was able to help set up the 3 Dragon Camp, and engage in other strenuous exercise, and while I did sweat, I did not sweat enough to soak through my clothes. The sweat was not flowing like the Mississippi River.

This year, in short, I spent the entire time, doing all the things I always do, and I felt great. The fact that I was not carrying around 70 pounds made it possible to do all those things. I cannot wait to see what I will be able to do next year.

Oh, I did do one thing this year that I have never done before at Gulf Wars: I bought a teeshirt. I have been going to this event for years, and was never able to buy a teeshirt because the largest size the merchant carried was a 4x, and I was wearing 5x or 6x. This year I plunked down my 20.00 and bought the shirt on the first day. Damn, that was a good feeling.