Wants vs Needs

Let’s talk about the difference between “wants” and “needs”. It is a subject that one often has to deal with when on a diet. Specifically it is something I have been dealing with a lot the last two days.

You see, since about lunch time on Thursday afternoon I have wanted a large serving of cheep chinese food from the Panda Buffet. I want it so bad I can picture the different foods I would load on my plate, I can almost smell them. Almost taste the General Tsu’s chicken or the wontons, etc.

Yeah, I want that serving, or preferably two servings of that food. But I don’t need them. In fact, if I gave in to my wants, I would not only damage my diet, and set back my weight loss goals, but I would also damage myself in other ways.

I would, for instance damage my sense of self control, and sense of self discipline. Building that feeling of self control and self discipline has been on going effort for even longer than the diet has been. In many ways the diet has been successful so far because I have reached a point where I had built up a sense of self discipline and self control. Not nearly enough discipline or control; I’ve still got a lot of work to do in those projects, but I have made a lot of progress. I don’t want to lose that progress, which is why, I have not gone to my favorite restaurant, The Panda, and gorged myself.

No. Despite my wants, I didn’t do that. Because my needs are so much more important than my wants. I need to get healthy, and losing the weight is a big, if not the biggest part of doing so. I need to continue to develop my sense of Self Control and Self Discipline. I need to take joy in resisting the temptations of my wants.

So, that is what I have been dealing with the last couple of days. It has not been particularly easy, but I have not gone off to gorge at the Panda. I have eaten a bit more than I should have, but it has been healthy food that is actually on my diet plan. Some would say it is not much of a victory, but by all gods great and small, it is a victory. It is my victory.


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