Wants vs Needs

Let’s talk about the difference between “wants” and “needs”. It is a subject that one often has to deal with when on a diet. Specifically it is something I have been dealing with a lot the last two days.

You see, since about lunch time on Thursday afternoon I have wanted a large serving of cheep chinese food from the Panda Buffet. I want it so bad I can picture the different foods I would load on my plate, I can almost smell them. Almost taste the General Tsu’s chicken or the wontons, etc.

Yeah, I want that serving, or preferably two servings of that food. But I don’t need them. In fact, if I gave in to my wants, I would not only damage my diet, and set back my weight loss goals, but I would also damage myself in other ways.

I would, for instance damage my sense of self control, and sense of self discipline. Building that feeling of self control and self discipline has been on going effort for even longer than the diet has been. In many ways the diet has been successful so far because I have reached a point where I had built up a sense of self discipline and self control. Not nearly enough discipline or control; I’ve still got a lot of work to do in those projects, but I have made a lot of progress. I don’t want to lose that progress, which is why, I have not gone to my favorite restaurant, The Panda, and gorged myself.

No. Despite my wants, I didn’t do that. Because my needs are so much more important than my wants. I need to get healthy, and losing the weight is a big, if not the biggest part of doing so. I need to continue to develop my sense of Self Control and Self Discipline. I need to take joy in resisting the temptations of my wants.

So, that is what I have been dealing with the last couple of days. It has not been particularly easy, but I have not gone off to gorge at the Panda. I have eaten a bit more than I should have, but it has been healthy food that is actually on my diet plan. Some would say it is not much of a victory, but by all gods great and small, it is a victory. It is my victory.


Saturday afternoon randomness

So, it’s May 1, 2010 already. I have no developed thought for this blog post, so I’m just going to take part in some Saturday afternoon randomness.

  • I really can’t believe that the first four months of the year are already gone. I swear it was just New Years Day a couple of weeks ago.
  • While there were individual days in April that were very, very good, on the whole I’d have to say that in general it was a truly craptacular month. I suggest that in order to assure that may is a better month that we begin offering sacrifices. Poodles seem to be an acceptable sacrifice.
  • I’ve not played any on-line games since I closed my WOrld of Warcraft account in January. I’ve used the time I would have spent playing in productive ways, but I have to say that the last week or so I’ve been really craving a good game. I’ve found myself looking at both the WOW forums and the Eve Online Forums again. This is NOT a good thing. I know myself to well; If I start gaming again I’ll end up wasting way, way to much time. I’ve resisted so far, but DAMN I’ve been thinking about it a lot.
  • I’ve been waiting for feedback on a project.
  • I’ve got to get my vehicle fixed, or get a different one. Not having reliable transportation is really beginning to affect my calm.
  • Caedmon’s knighting was seriously overdue.
  • I’m thinking of starting a betting pool on who will be elevated next in the three circles.
  • I was surprised there are not more people taking part in the next Crown List. Based on the 13 people that are actually taking part, it should be an interesting list.
  • May is going to be a very busy month.
  • I think Fringe and Justified are the two most entertaining shows currently on Television. I recommend them to anyone that is looking for entertainment. Fringe is in it’s second season, but the first four episodes of Justified are currently available on Hulu.com.
  • Castle comes in a close third.
  • You can never listen to Harry Chapin, Jim Crocce, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, or Johnny Cash enough.
  • Finally saw Avatar. The effects were nice; it is a pretty movie, but the story was something I’d seen several times before.
  • Why in the name of all that’s holy would anyone want to remake “Nightmare on Elm Street”? It was a great movie, and didn’t need to be remade.
  • Eating a meal from Taco Bell for the first meal of the day is most certainly NOT a good idea.
  • Come to think of it, neither is eating a meal from Taco Bell as the last meal of the day.
  • I miss Jabberwocky.com.
  • I was recently friended on Facebook by someone I’d literally not heard from in over 20 years. It was a very, very pleasant surprise.
  • Volcano’s, earthquakes, torrential rains; I think the Earth Mother is pissed and fighting back.
  • Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; I think the price of shrimp is going up again.

In the words of one my favorite Loony Tunes characters, “That’s all folks”….

Let’s talk about Candlemas….

Let’s talk about Candlemas. I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say on the subject of Valentine’s Day, the Winter Olympics, and I don’t have the vocabulary to talk about what a magical feeling it was to watch the Saints win the Superbowl last week, so I think Candlemas is the subject for the day.

Of the four events hosted by Grey Niche each year, Candlemas is the one dedicated to Arts and Sciences. The event is a single day event that features a lot of classes and a regional A&S Faire. This year, in addition to those activities there was also an Apprentice Challenge competition. There is usually no scheduled fighting activities, though there are often classes relating to some aspect of SCA fighting. The event is always held the second weekend in February.

This year’s Candlemas was autocratted by Mistress Vashti and Mistress Arielle, with the feast being handled by THL Zhara. Due to the fact that the entire Kingdom of Gleann Abhann has had an unusual spate of bad weather for the last three weeks, and due to the fact that more snow storms had been forecast for the weekend, we had a fairly large turnout for the event. Right at 10o people past through the Troll station.

The day started when we arrived at the Singleton Community Center about 7:45 AM. M. Vashti showed up about ten minutes later, and we were able to access the hall and class room areas. While Turlaugh set up the Troll station, I helped get tables set up for the A&S competitions, and get the class rooms set up. Once that was done, the events of the day moved quickly.

My class, the Theory and Importance of Site Tokens was at 9:00 AM, and I had a whopping one person show up to take the class. That was actually a good thing since I had never taught the class before. It was a nice, relaxed atmosphere to practice the presentation for the first time. I thought it went well, and afterward Karl, the one student, said I made effective use of my visual aides.  Positive feed back is always a good thing.

I spent the rest of the morning help work troll and doing what I do best, which is talking to people. I saw a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in months. That, for me, is always the magic of an SCA event; talking to people and seeing friends. I’d be very hard put to tell you what I talked about with all those folks, but I can tell you immediately, that I had a good time and that I enjoyed the conversations immensely.

Court was held right before feast, and, as usual with a Grey Niche single day event, the feast was held at lunch time. There were three notable things that occurred at court: Lady Alysia was awarded the Valiant Heart, Lady Johna was admitted to the Order of Denial, and (this should not have been a surprise, but it was) Baron Dagan and Baroness Mahsheed announced that they were stepping down at Beltaine. I hate that, I truly do. Dagan and Mahsheed have been truly wonderful in the role of Baron and Baroness of this group.

The feast was excellent, and the entertainment during feast was truly memorable. His excellency Baron Otto entertained the audience by playing his flute. Duke Sir John the Bearkiller and his “Crunk Boy Chorus” performed the filk “As Period As I Wanna Be”, and His Excellency Dulinn performed “Agincourt”, a truly hilarious filk to the tune of The Battle of New Orleans.

After the feast the classes continued until 4:0o PM. The last activity of the day was announcing the winners of the various competitions. The Apprentice Challenge and the Regional A&S Competition Champion were won by Her Excellency Anastacia (I probably mis-spelled that) from Grey Niche, and the Baron and Baroness Choice was awarded to Katrinka Whitehair from the Blue Flats.

And just like that, there was nothing left but the clean up, and a return to this modern world. Still, for roughly nine hours I was in a better world, with good friends, and I was having a great time. One can’t ask for more than that on a cold Saturday in February.